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The Light!

I haven't blogged much because I needed some extra minutes to organize my crazy thoughts and really think about where I am going with this blog. My brain is on speed some days and other days it's legit in another universe just floating on. There are times where I don't know how I even get through the day. It's like noon time and I look at myself and I'm like ok, don't look too terrible today. 
This past Sunday, I was on my way home from Boston and I heard a beeping noise and casually watched my tire gage go down from 20, 29, 28 all the way to 14 pounds. I even thought to myself this must be an outer body experience, this couldn't be happening. I pulled over on the highway and I fake cried for like a second and had this feeling like shit, I am all alone here.  I called AAA and waited for the state police who was going to come babysit me (which I was thankful for) while my car shook every time a car went past me. I encouraged Ebony (my car) to hold on, girl. D…

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