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I got to know, grief.

I got to know grief.
I know how afraid grief makes you of the quiet, of the dark.
I know that it will wake you up at 3:00AM you may walk in circles crying, drive to your parents house and climb into bed with your mother.
How grief makes your mind work so hard to stay out the depths.
How grief makes you cling to every small memory.
How his cloths are like life's breath and how I wished every conversation was penned down and you will keep him in this world for as long as you can.
They say that the depths. of grief represent the fullness of our  love. For me that feels bottomless.
I know how grief will knock the wind out of you.
I know how grief will make you avoid parties and phone calls because if you just stay here, suspended in the moment, maybe life won't go on.
Maybe you will never again have to answer the questions.

"do you have kids?"
"are you dating anyone?"

It will lead to a sad story and why ruin a strangers day, so you just dodge the questions a…

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