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Act 2

I feel completely upside down this week. The days have flown by and I can't seem to focus long enough to write or do anything besides be in she-robot mode. With this new moon is starting today, major changes are inevitable - obvious, subtle, or unconscious. They can be internal or external so be aware of your mood fluctuations... In case you forgot, I am on the road to stardom. I am on the front page of the local paper getting my Lenten ashes on the go. Can I get a #2 with a Diet Coke and a side of ashes, please? Honestly, what has this world come to? Passing out ashes at the train station?  I would have had super Catholic school girl guilt if I casually waltzed by that nice women in the white robe yesterday morning. It's not every year you get the Ash Wed/Valentines Day combo. Like that time I went to two proms in one night... oh, yeah, that happened. I am feeling like I am channeling Kim K - I got my own 'Chris' alerts this morning. Woke up to a group chat from my m…

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